If you believe in the Christian Bible, you have at least a vague idea about what might be on God’s agenda. You have read Revelations and watched Jack Van Impe, and you are pretty sure you know how this all ends. And so, I suspect, you are already 100% certain that God is NOT planning for America to emerge as a great Christian theocracy before it all goes down. Right?

To be fair, most of my Christian friends are not interested in combining their politics and religion. My more conservative Christian friends are perhaps misinformed about the definition of religious freedom, but mostly their political focus these days is on abortion. While I may disagree with them, I also think if you believe abortion is always murder, then it is reasonable to be passionate in your fight against that. But the vast majority are still not willing to invite an apocalypse just to cast their vote for the (possibly) more pro-life candidate in a presidential election.

Then there are the Trump supporters.

I’m not talking about the Trump supporters who are racist, or the ones who don’t understand politics enough to see how scary Trump really is. I’ve got about three Facebook friends who think the guy is a genius who will lead us to greatness; and that’s because he thinks just like they do. And trust me, no one would want these fools in office, either. Their post-debate memes about how Trump “killed” Hillary on policy questions are basically public notices letting me know that their IQ is at least 70 points below mine. And where can we go from there?

No, I’m talking about the Trump supporters who believe God is using Trump to further a Christian political agenda. When Trump loses, it should be proof that God chose Hillary. Will they believe it, or will they see it as a move God allowed Satan to make in preparation for some spiritual battle led by Trump? (I know. Read it again – it’s hilarious.) Some are talking of rigged elections and revolt! Is that part of God’s plan, too? I can’t find any of this in Revelations.

They have rationalized what they know to be true about this man by telling themselves (and everyone within earshot) that God can use anybody. Was the campaign trail Trump’s road to Damascus? It’s doubtful. But it’s also doubtful any of his followers care. They have convinced themselves that pro-life laws and Christian Supreme Court Justices are top priorities in standing up for their beliefs. But I ask you: Is promoting Christian law in America actually a priority for God?

And, does anyone truly believe it is a priority for Donald Trump?

Jesus would have had zero interest in any election, and they know it. It’s ridiculous. It has nothing to do with God, and everything to do with wanting to serve their own personal agendas. They are passionately in favor of Trump, and it isn’t a Godly passion. It’s emotional and angry. Have you ever heard a Christian defend their anger by pointing to that time Jesus overturned the tables in the temple courts? “My house will be called a house of prayer, but you are making it a den of robbers.” Well, that was not an example of Jesus demonstrating how Christians should act in relation to politics, and America is not the church.

America is not a church. America is not a church. America is not a church.

Meanwhile, other Christians are embarrassed by their political brothers and sisters who waste time fighting for Christianity to be the law of the land, and pray for those who believe God would actually use Donald Trump as a means to an end this way. They shake their heads and wonder if it could possibly get any easier for Satan. But their efforts are met with accusations of having turned their backs on God in favor of a secular world. Have American Christians ever been so divided?

There is no need to become emotional or angry over politics when God is control. And folks, that is a pretty reliable measure of faith. Every time I witness a Christian passionately promoting religious political goals as if they are on the battle field for God, all I see is a failure of that faith. It also makes me appreciate the Christians in my world who see it, too.

Some Christians are able to put their faith in God and be content with either outcome. That is not a luxury I possess. I don’t think there is something bigger pulling the strings, and if there is – I know God isn’t interested in a happy ending. But I do remember a time when I was okay with that. Back when I still believed, and all I needed was faith; I was able to believe the worst tragedy could be a necessary means to a greater end. By that logic, I suppose I could have even accepted Trump in the White House.

If I prayed and put something in God’s hands, it was as if I was under a spell of spiritual perfection. Any decision I made while trusting God was right, because I believed in the magic that anything done in faith was always part of his plan. His plan may not be what we want, but it is never wrong. On a good day, I could have walked into the face of certain death and felt calm. That’s faith. Does it mean God is real? Of course not. But clearly you can imagine how faith sometimes takes a wrong turn.

It offered a level of numbness to the world around me. I would have felt passionate about other believers who were falling into Satan’s traps, but I couldn’t lose. After all, I was taught to rejoice over the signs of the apocalypse because it meant I would meet Jesus! Now that I no longer view the world around me as a book that has already been written, I feel an urgency to do something greater than ask for a higher power to make me feel okay while I impatiently wait for death.

Those Christians who are willing to fight for Christian laws to the point of putting faith in someone like Trump are rarely content or numb to the world around them, either. They also want to do more than just be a cheerleader for God and whatever he has up his sleeve. But the difference is that they still see themselves as soldiers representing God, with authority to speak and act on his behalf. These are the personality types who we should all fear the most. They will bring about an apocalypse of their own design. And they are the reason Christians feel a secular world pushing back.

What drives some Christians to seek political validation for their faith? This is not where the battle was meant to be fought. This isn’t how hearts are won. And when you fight for making Christianity a dominating factor in your political system… your own faith should tell you that God is not on your side.


7 thoughts on “This Is Not Part of God’s Plan

  1. I honestly don’t see how anyone could combine God and Trump in any way. After all, they were going on about Ted Cruz being chosen by God a while back, weren’t they?

    1. After Hillary wins, the Christians who claimed both Cruz and Trump were chosen by God to beat her will continue to confidently interpret God’s intentions. It will not phase them.

  2. “Now that I no longer view the world around me as a book that has already been written, I feel an urgency to do something greater than ask for a higher power to make me feel okay while I impatiently wait for death.” THIS!

  3. I have an interesting contrast to offer. I went to a Christian school K-12 and a Christian university, and i came across a lot of Christians who interpreted Jesus’ death as a political as well as religious statement.

    Their argument was that his death challenged both the Roman and Jewish political systems, the Roman because their rule was one of brutality, as indicated by the cross, which was subverted to become a symbol of love, and the Jewish because it contradicted their claims of righteous acts made one pure and that it opened god up to non Jews.

    Interestingly, these weren’t radical rightwings or tea partiers generally, mostly just moderate evangelicals. And from what i can tell now, they all hate Trump. Either way, these were people who genuinely believed that god cares A LOT about politics.

    I don’t know if you ever ran into people like that, but this post made me think of them.

    1. If God chooses our leaders, he no doubt does care about politics. He cares about everything, right? But what is he asking of his followers, exactly? Surely none of them believe he is asking them to fulfill some unknown prophecy about creating a theocracy in the United States. And yet so many Christians act as if that is their clear mission.

      It does make sense to see Jesus’ death as a political statement, especially in response to the Romans; but I am not sure I know many who would agree with its impact on Jewish claims of righteousness through acts. Or, Jesus must not have gotten his point across very well, because we know the obstacles Paul faced in convincing his fellow Christians to welcome Gentiles at all. They were expected to first become Jewish and follow Jewish laws. In fact, it seems as if the entire concept of removing such requirements in order to open the door to Gentiles was a brilliant marketing plan by Paul alone. Of course, that would have been God’s plan all along, so…. I guess the pieces still fit?

      It is a very interesting thought, and probably would make a better argument for a Trump supporter than simply pointing out how terrible Saul of Tarsus was. After all, Trump is hardly the equivalent of Paul when it comes to his ministry….

      Thanks for your thoughts 🙂

  4. Great post LAD. I agree that it’s so hard to really fathom the thinking here. For some it seems they want so badly gay marriage and abortions to be banned that they are willing to look past anything else for that to be done. I wonder if just in general we are seeing really the feeling of fear and helplessness come into play. Perhaps that’s even why one gets so deep into their religious beliefs. Feeling that you have no power to change your own life, looking to a savior to fix it all for you seems like an answer. This is part of what I’ve been thinking in reading about Trump supporters and why they are voting for him. As poverty grows, opportunities become sparse and that religious segment of the population sees their religion’s influence diminishing on the national stage, they are looking for any victory. For them Christianity is of course the truth and there is no reason why the truth shouldn’t be part of government. But I agree that you could see this sort of desperation being felt for someone who was actually a godly man…it just seems too incongruous that many on the religious right would put all their stock in this horror of a human being. It’s hard to believe that God would choose such a man, when there were so many better ones to choose from.

    1. The idea that God would choose this man isn’t hard to believe; it’s the idea that he would choose him to further an agenda of creating a more Christian government. Why would God do that? Clearly things are supposed to get worse before they get better. The more ungodly the world becomes, the more opportunity Christians get to prove themselves worthy, and the closer we all get to the second coming. If Trump gets elected and creates a happy shiny Christian theocracy — Christians should be very confused by that.

      (Ugh. I hate when their behavior forces me to make points using imaginary rules.)

      But God or no God….people want what they want. And what these Christians really want is more people to agree with them. If they can’t have that, then they want to legally force the rest of us to comply just enough to make them feel more comfortable. They are desperate for someone to lead them who will magically make being a Christian easier than what God promised.

      No matter what you believe, that is obviously the wrong path. But what’s really incredible, is that they are looking to Donald Trump to lead them!

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