Ken Ham has decided it is not illegal for public schools to bring children to his Creation Museum.

Although I am sure he has no bias at all, I’m not so sure he has the legal authority to decide such a thing. According to a recent article from Christianity Today, Ham says: “If public schools were bringing students here and their teachers were saying, ‘THIS interpretation is the only truth that you should personally accept,’ then that would be a violation of the Establishment Clause of the Constitution.”

And this is how it happens. This is how Christians around the country start nodding their heads to words that don’t actually make sense. Isn’t Creation just another theory? And isn’t it a good idea to present all possible theories to students objectively and let them decide for themselves? In fact, Ham goes on to say just that: “Public school officials should neither personally endorse nor diminish the museum’s view, but rather present our beliefs objectively.”

So why is the Freedom From Religion Foundation attempting to stop public schools from organizing field trips to his museum? Ham says it’s because atheist bullies don’t want anyone to know about theories outside of evolution.

(Because unless the school teaches it, how would they ever find out?)


But…. Is This Really What You Want?

This is about religion. Public schools must remain neutral on religion, but Ken Ham is under no such obligation. He is on the front lines of indoctrination. He is at war with secular education and pushes an agenda of bringing Christianity to children. So while it may sound logical when he claims field trips to the Creation Museum offer another point of view…. this is a Christian museum. And he knows better.

Ken Ham does not actually support the concept of public schools offering students an “objective” look at all religious beliefs; but maybe schools should begin organizing field trips which offer objective views of Islam and atheism– just to be sure. We could even offer World Religion studies right between recess and math! Maybe we could have religious plays where my kid recites the Lord’s Prayer and your kid explains the Five Pillars of Islam. I’m sure there would be no complaints from Christians– who only want all views to be presented objectively.

Painting the FFRF as the bullies in this situation is laughable. The FFRF is not fighting on behalf of atheists who organize atheist field trips. They aren’t protecting atheist groups who lure students to “special atheist lunches” during the school day. And they aren’t offering up their lawyers to help out the Satanist who thought it would be fun to recruit and lead students in an after-school worship club.

Occasionally atheists will come in and do these things next to Christians who thought to do them first. The hope is that Christians will not only see why the behavior is wrong, but will realize just what door they are attempting to open. Unfortunately, the lesson is seldom understood.


If We Don’t Talk About Jesus, We’ll Forget!

One has to wonder why things like field trips to a Creation Museum are important to Christians. Why do some Christians fight to make public schools an extension of church? God is allowed in schools. Students can organize freely without adult influence. They can read their Bibles, pray, and openly discuss their beliefs. But it doesn’t stop there.

At home and at church—anything goes. Before school, after school, weekends, winter break, spring break, summer break…. it’s all up to parents. You want Jesus in every moment? Go right ahead. And when Christians are looking for some outside help and a little peer pressure, even the smallest communities are bound to have at least a dozen churches offering plenty of bible-based activities. My parents weren’t Christians. I found Jesus because I was invited to Vacation Bible School and I loved it. I was four.

Atheists and the FFRF are not interested in how Christians choose to indoctrinate their children on their own time. There are no court battles being fought because a church took a bus load of kids to Ken Ham’s museum on a weekend. If one desires, they can visit every day after school! There is every opportunity to make God the priority in their children’s lives and even in other people’s children’s lives…. so why isn’t it enough?

Why is it so crucial that adults are also able to talk openly about Jesus during the school day? It can’t be about the adult’s freedom. It would not do to talk about any other religion, of course. Or God forbid—the possibility someone could believe in no god at all. Those adults should absolutely remain silent in front of impressionable school children, right? So what is it? Are Christians afraid if their kid goes five minutes without adult confirmation that God is still a thing– they might forget?

The only possible conclusion I can come to is that public schools offer ideal access to other people’s children. Like mine. I did spend a year of my life as a missionary who went into public schools with exactly that agenda, after all. Always trying to save the lost. Especially the poor innocent children of the lost.


Beware the Scoffers

Thanks to my in-laws, I am lucky enough to receive Ken Ham’s Answers In Genesis magazine in my mailbox. And yes, I do like to see what Ham and friends are up to. Ken Ham often writes about how public schools are indoctrinating future generations. He promotes homeschooling and the exclusive use of Christian colleges. In the most recent issue he wrote an article called “Steadfast in the Midst of Scoffers” where he gives us this warning:


The scoffers will try to get each one of us to fall—to reject the truth of Creation, the Flood, and the coming judgment. We need to heed this warning. In today’s world, the scoffers have caused many young people to ‘fall’—to reject the truth of God’s Word. Sadly, generations of young people from church homes have been indoctrinated in the secular education systems to believe in an evolutionist view of origins. Much of the church has been lulled into complacency while the scoffers have captured the hearts and minds of many in the coming generations.


Always under attack. What should the rest of us do, exactly? We have figured out how to co-exist…. when are Christians going to catch up? I went to both church and public schools. I can honestly say that my science class had zero impact on my belief system. If what happens at school causes your child to reject your life’s work of fully indoctrinating them into the Christian faith—then you have failed miserably. You had every advantage. Don’t blame us.

Let’s all be honest about it. Let’s stop pretending this is about Christians and their freedom. They have all the freedom they could ever want when it comes their own families. What they are demanding is “freedom” to influence other families. But laying all their cards out on the table like that would not only be a clear constitutional violation– it would paint them as the real bullies.

To further complicate things, they have been spinning it as something else for so long, they now believe their own propaganda. They truly believe they are fighting for freedom. The good news is that while they haven’t lost an ounce of freedom to live their own lives as they see fit; they have most certainly lost the “freedom” to decide what’s best for me.


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