Another monthly trip down memory lane….


Thursday, January 14, 1995

Yesterday I was too busy to write. We had two assemblies in Connecticut and a midnight concert in Pennsylvania. The retreat we played at in Pennsylvania gave us each $20 spending money. Praise God! I really needed it. Today we spent the afternoon at the retreat.

Last night we slept at an awful motel. They gave me a cot with no sheets. Just a grubby blanket. We got in at 4am and people started banging on our door and peaking in our window shouting “WAKE UP!” They thought we were someone else. Check out was at noon and most the guys were still asleep then.

Now we are in Allentown, PA. I am staying by myself in a host home. I like this host family a lot. We talked for a long time tonight. Their names are Pete and Kelly, and they have two children named Alyssa and Danny.



Sunday, January 15, 1995

This morning I went to church with my host family. All the Arcies except Jake and Dave were there. We went to the college and career Sunday school class. After I got back I ate a sandwich and took a nap. At about 3:30 we went to Pete’s mom’s house and had an excellent meal! Then we went to church again because Pete is up for a second term as Deacon.

Then all the Arcies went bowling. Dave and I sat and watched while eating and drinking. We talked about our future. I can’t wait to marry him! He is going to write a letter to his parents about moving to Battle Creek after tour. We will hopefully get engaged soon after that. I pray God will continue to allow me so much happiness.


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