Are Christians hated for their faith?

This question reminds me of when people claim to be hated because they are beautiful. Much like basic Christian teachings, most people are drawn to beauty rather than repelled by it. It’s weird how these vain beauties never seem to notice all the other beautiful people who are not hated. Why would someone hate one person for their beauty, but not hate another person who is also beautiful?

For starters, it helps to have a good personality. Kindness. Humility. Some basic social skills. And, maybe stop saying things like “you just hate me because you’re jealous.” People definitely hate that. Some of you might want to write that down, because being able to get along well with others is a strategy that works in almost any social situation. And yes, sharing your faith often falls into the category of “social situation.”

The Bible may say that Christians will be hated for their faith but they can still be hated for a million other reasons, too. Let’s be honest; most of us live in a world where belief in Christianity is not offensive on its own. And many devout Christians manage to be true to their faith without encountering any hate at all. How do they do it? Are they any less sincere in their commitment to god?

I have noticed a common theme among Christians who feel hated: their anger and passion for politics shines brighter than their love of Christ. I suspect that is a bigger source of their perceived persecution than faith alone. I would even go as far as to say that god is irrelevant when it comes to why they cannot get along with others; because when I was a Christian, I don’t recall Jesus requiring me to be an asshole. I see it in atheists, too. I don’t experience as much hateful criticism as some other atheists do…. does that make me any less of an unbeliever?

Jesus was hated. But are the words of our modern-day “hated” Christians similar to something found in red print in the gospels, or are they the words of those who simply need their individual voices to be heard? Do they speak from a place of love, or from a place of pride? I think we know the answer to that.

Of course, it is possible to be hated for faith alone. It happens all the time. Right now there are some Christians who actually feel hated over their hatred of other people for their faith. Wrap your mind around THAT.

Treat everyone with patience and with the assumption that a positive connection is possible. If others do not respond with the same attitude, walk away immediately. Do not let emotion get the better of you. Because whether these complainers like it or not, that is why they keep finding themselves in the kinds of battles which never result in anything worthwhile. They feel persecuted because they treat others with an attitude of persecution.

They may be attacked for their arrogance, ignorance, or mean spirit; but mostly it will be because they don’t know how to connect with anyone outside of their like-minded comfort zone. They will in return be attacked by those who possess similar social limits. Look, not everyone is great at communication. But is this what the Bible meant about being hated for faith? Hardly. Remember, just because someone says they are “standing up for their beliefs” doesn’t mean they are doing it effectively.


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  1. It is interesting to note that it seems to be a common theme among the far-right to embody exactly the type of behavior you are talking about. I come across it all of the time in the town where I live. These people just do not know how to interact with people with differing view points, so I am the one holding my tongue and watching what I say lest it spark some angry conservative tirade. =/

    I think you have helped me to at least pin-point the thing that has been bugging me about this place for the past few months. Thanks! =D

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