Another monthly journal entry!

(Notes: Scott was our drummer. Heather was his girlfriend who joined us for a week of tour while we were in Kansas. Today Scott and Heather are married with three children, and Scott is a Pastor.)


Saturday, March 11, 1995

So much happened today! We went to Tia’s house, and Scott picked up Heather at the airport. Dave and I watched Jimi Hendrix on TV, and Suzanne gave Jake the cold shoulder. Then Jake, Suzanne, Scott, Heather, Dave, and I ate at Taco Bell- Jake’s treat.

We went to Tia’s church. There was a great praise team there and people were dancing, singing, and praising the Lord like crazy! Jake and Suzanne were out in the van and missed most of the service.

Tia gave her testimony and Dave bought me some hot chocolate. Last night Dave talked to his parents. They want to come visit us on tour and talk to us about our plans.

After the service tonight a guy came and prayed for Dave and me. He said he really felt that we were dealing with some spiritual attack (not as a couple) and that we needed prayer. He said he especially felt that something in my past was getting in the way of my feeling how real God’s love is. I have been thinking about that a lot!

Dave and I had a really great talk later. He said he used to feel I let him down because of my past relationships, but now he realizes that he has changed a lot, too. He told me some things he never told me before and I was glad. I feel really good about us.

Last night our group was also prayed for. Afterwards a guy told Scott that God revealed he had real leadership skills and that he would have a chance to use it. Right now Scott is in the best position for spiritual leadership. He is the only member of this group who no one has had any real problem with, and I feel he has earned the most respect among us. He has the best attitude and would definitely be the most successful as a spiritual leader.

I am staying in a host home with Hope. We stayed up late, discussing life.


Sunday, March 12, 1995

Today we had two church shows in Perry. The second one we only had one guitar, vocals, and a keyboard. For that service we only played part of it, then the pastor came and talked. He was a very good speaker. He called for people to come up. Jake, Suzanne, Hope, Tia’s brother and his girlfriend all went up. He gave a prophecy to each of them and was amazing with his accuracy. These are the things that truly are from God. Those who went up were very blessed.

I know the Lord loves me and will guide me, and I will wait on Him.


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