What is going on lately? It seems like everywhere I look there is another Christian going on about how meaningless the atheist’s view of life is. That’s not a good belief! There’s no greater force out there controlling things? If this is it and then we die….what’s the point?

I’ll admit, in the wide sea of beliefs mankind has come up with over the years, atheism seems like the wrong choice. That’s the whole point. Truth isn’t a choice. While religion is selling ideas we want to believe in, atheism is rejecting the whole art of religion itself by saying, “how about we just do our best to cope with the truth?” And in spite of having the worst sales pitch and recruitment process out there, atheism continues to grow.

If there is a god, I honestly do not know how it offers more purpose to my life. For example, if the Christian god exists then we were created because he wanted to create us; and this life is nothing compared with the eternity we will spend worshiping him. Day and night. Forever.

I have to be honest, Christians. That sounds pretty pointless.

I spent quite a few years living in the Christian world and that god robbed me of meaning by making this life less important than the next. Christians like to ask atheists, “what if you’re wrong?” But, what if Christians are wrong? What if all meaning comes from this life, which they have reduced to a train station on the way to an eternity that doesn’t exist?

I read a post earlier today from a Christian who claimed that without god there is no greater force than us, therefore without him we cannot find objective meaning. I have no clue what the word “objective” is doing for him, but it does nothing for me. He claims that without objective meaning there is no direction. Maybe not. Seriously, why does it matter and what does that direction even mean to him?

Not all of us believe we are owed an explanation or will be given one. Wanting something to be true is irrelevant, because reality is not confined to our approval. Without god I find it easier to make sense of this life I have been given. The universe is not a thing that can owe me some greater gift or direction and I find that easy to comprehend.

Why criticize me for my attempts at accepting a thing I have no choice in believing? Convincing someone like me, who prefers unpleasant truths over beautiful lies, is not achieved through telling me a nicer story about life. The more time a theist spends showing me how god is the better answer is more time for me to process how theists might not know why fairytales exist.

Life can be beautiful without any more meaning than what we find in the brief time we are allowed to possess it. Maybe it doesn’t mean more. Maybe it will all be forgotten. Maybe it won’t be beautiful at all. We can respond by believing it is untrue, or we can find a way to sit comfortably with it. Embrace it, even. There are days I am actually in love with the idea that it all means everything and nothing at the same time. Not everyone likes that idea. But I have found that another person’s inability to find comfort in truth has no impact at all on how reality unfolds.

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