Do Christians really believe god is in control? I know from my own experience that faith should always be a work in progress, but god being in control is a pretty basic principle. Nothing happens without god’s approval. It’s all part of his plan. I know it’s been a while, but I still understand the rules.

Where is all this outrage and fear coming from? Why are some Christians so worked up about a “godless nation” headed toward a “Sodom and Gomorrah” undoing? They are afraid of secular ideas. They believe we are all turning against god; but what does it matter to them? Won’t the faithful be spared? Isn’t god’s plan still in place and perfect?

(Could Obama really be President if god didn’t want him to be….?)

The bible doesn’t teach that we must all be Christians before Christ can return. The bible doesn’t say that it is up to Christians to fulfill god’s will while he sits back and hopes for the best. The bible says that god is in control. I’m not sure what they were expecting, but it seems unrealistic. Well, more unrealistic than usual….

A Christian who is panicked about politics is weak in faith. A Christian who is angry because of what someone else believes is weak in faith. A Christian who is frantically demanding everyone bow to god’s law because we are all in danger? That Christian no longer trusts in god’s plan or their own salvation. If they did, they wouldn’t be so afraid.

Other Christians know it, too.

As a former believer I feel for these vocal few who flood social media with their hate and fury. I know what other Christians think about them: Their faith does not bring them peace. They cannot overcome the sins of pride and self-righteousness. They don’t know how to trust god enough to overcome their fear. They cannot feel love for those who are not like them, and therefore they cannot possibly understand the love of Christ. And they are doing nothing positive for Christianity.

I also have no patience for them. They represent the danger of religion. They do not recognize my right to not believe as they do. In fact, they believe I am a terrible person for that difference. They believe in actual demons and an evil fallen angel who attacks them. They also believe I am made of the same evil. Anyone who is not with god is against him. They draw a line in the sand and make me their enemy. If they were in charge I would not be safe. So my compassion is limited.

Luckily I live in a culture where this kind of Christian has no power, only a loud voice. They are a minority among Christians (although I doubt they realize it). They think a revival is happening; the kind that will overthrow our government and create a new Christian constitution. But it won’t happen. Not because of atheists or a liberal media, but because they simply don’t have support from other Christians. They can do nothing more than go on threatening everyone else with the consequences of forgetting that god is in control.

Sure. But I’m an atheist. What’s their excuse?


2 thoughts on “You of Little Faith, Why Are You So Afraid?

  1. I’ve noticed a disturbing trend in the Republican Party. More and more evangelical Christians among the ranks and it’s the primary reason they are so dysfunctional. I really do hope you’re right in that without the support of mainstream Christians they will not succeed in creating a theocracy in America. Sadly, as they slowly fill the House and Senate, I fear you might be mistaken.

    1. There are concentrated areas of them that are able to elect their own, and sometimes they get into office just because they are the conservative choice. Unfortunately having them in congress is a big deal. I’m not saying they won’t contribute to bad decisions that affect lives significantly. But these political evangelicals are successful at showing up to vote; yet somehow Obama got elected twice while guys like Mike Huckabee and Ben Carson are never going to get the nomination. These Christians are mad at how stupid we all are for not supporting their candidates, but I don’t think they are supposed to question god like that 🙂

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