I have a relative who is always sharing things from Allen West’s Facebook page. This mostly means I see a lot of articles from a website called Young Conservatives in my news feed, which is the worst of the worst. They are so absurd that I seldom click on these links, but the other day I had to laugh when I saw the familiar teacher’s assignment I have seen elsewhere.

For more on that I will direct you to The Friendly Atheist who posted it over the weekend; but basically a mother had a tantrum over her child being taught about Islam in World History class. She included several bible verses because- well, obviously. When I saw it pop up on Young Conservatives as a story in defense of the mom, I figured it would be a fun read.

It wasn’t. Especially when I started to read the comments (both on the site and on Facebook). You guys already know. Hell, let’s face it; I already knew, too. And I also know that the people who comment on these types of things are not the majority….but damn it’s frightening when they are all concentrated in one place like that. Like a little army of stupid.

Yes, I’m usually kinder. But in case you hadn’t noticed, I feel strongly about the topic of religion in schools. And I have been known to get a little bent out of shape over people not understanding how a thing works. This combines both of those things and I am all out of tolerance on this one. I’m going to save myself a bit of typing here because I trust the majority of my readers are on the same page.

Look, I don’t know how one is supposed to go about teaching world history without ever mentioning religion. It is taught, and there are guidelines. How else would we do it? It is not indoctrination. There is a clear difference between teaching religion as a history subject and influencing students to practice a specific religion. A group of people unable to understand what that means doesn’t make it false.

You know how we always joke about what Christians would do if another religion were being taught in schools? Well, no need to wonder any longer. Thanks to the inability to comprehend what’s real and what isn’t, some Christians now believe that is actually happening and are offering their reactions in the form of hate and fear.

(Remember: It’s important for children to never  understand what it is they are supposed to hate and fear. I mean, otherwise they might stop feeling hatred and fear. And then Satan has won.)

Ironically, many of these Christians suddenly support the separation of church and state! But only when it comes to other religions. Just as we expected. The real irony is that if these Christians got their way, all their worst fears could finally come true.

If we “invite god back into our schools” it will mean that staff of ANY religion must be allowed to teach religion, lead prayer, organize clubs- and influence their precious angels. So that cute young atheist teacher who wants to organize a Free Thinkers Club? Totally legal. I wonder if anyone will sign up?

Okay, I’ll just let some of the comments speak for themselves. All because of a homework assignment, folks. If you are interested, there are literally thousands more where these came from. These are not the worst, just a general representation of what was being repeated over and over and OVER again until I couldn’t read anymore:





























































































































































2 thoughts on “Christians Making Fools of Themselves

  1. Oh, Facebook, the best clue there’s no intelligent life on Earth. How I don’t miss having an account.

    Some of these comments you’ve posted have me laughing really hard. My eyes are tearing up. It’s like they don’t realize atheists are okay with this kind of education because it means kids are less likely to believe it’s real. If that kid converts to Islam later in life, I’d bet family reunions will be quite interesting.

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