Although I have moved out of the area, I was born and raised in Southwest Michigan. Lately it seems Michigan representatives have made the news for all sorts of ridiculous things, but GOP Representative Tom Hooker is the latest source of shame. I want to laugh, but it’s frightening. I mean, I actually know several people who live in this man’s district.

First of all, let’s all agree that no child should have ever been subjected to sex education provided by this man. According to this article from Mlive, Representative Hooker speaks of his time as a teacher by saying “The only dealing that I did with birth control devices (when I was a teacher) was I gave the students the failure rates of all of them. The failure rate obviously tells you there is not safe sex except saved sex. To avoid sex is the only guarantee that you’re not going to get pregnant.”

So I guess there’s no need to worry about the kids who will engage in premarital sex, because this guy has made it so they simply don’t exist anymore. They couldn’t possibly; not with those failure rates being out in the open like that.

And even though one teacher’s ability to present statistics in such a gripping way that teen pregnancy could be completely eliminated is pretty newsworthy, that’s not why this man has been showing up in my social media newsfeeds. No, Representative Hooker is making news because of his keen investigative instincts that led him to yet another evil truth about Planned Parenthood.

Wait….let me say that name again: Planned Parenthood. Maybe you’ve heard of them.

Representative Hooker doesn’t believe Planned Parenthood should be involved with sex education. Surprise, surprise (and the sun came up this morning). But according to him, it’s just too convenient. You see, Planned Parenthood offers things like contraception and education on how to avoid pregnancy.

Education? Surely Planned Parenthood is aware that kids who aren’t educated about sex won’t have sex. Therefore it must all be part of their abortion agenda! Because as everyone knows…. contraception education usually leads to abortions.

He’s a genius. I had never considered how suspicious it was that Planned Parenthood would be involved in sexual education or contraception. What possible interest could an organization called Planned Parenthood  have in such things? It’s been staring us in the face all along.

I can’t take the stupidity, folks. This guy is a walking talking advertisement for Planned Parenthood. I know I have already covered my reasons for feeling so strongly about this topic, but it can’t be said enough. When I was a teen I needed more of the education and free contraception Planned Parenthood was offering, and zero of the ignorance and shame guys like this were offering. Something tells me that times haven’t changed that much.

This man was elected. He gets to make decisions. It never ends.


3 thoughts on “Listening to This Man’s Thoughts on Sex Will Also Keep Me from Getting Pregnant

  1. First of all, I need to get myself a pregnant Barbie – that is SO amazing!

    Secondly, sheesh! Why are so many people in denial about the fact that teens are going to have sex NO MATTER WHAT they are taught??? The county where I went to high school had the highest teen pregnancy rate in the whole state of Texas. Guess what – they did abstinence education only! Big surprise! Just as a fun side note: George W was my governor during this time (

    1. There are people who actually believe that teaching kids how to have safe sex is the same thing as giving them permission. They cannot get past this. And yet I don’t recall a single friend who suddenly decided to have sex once they found out how a condom works, much less because a person with authority explained it to them. The amount of information my parents were willing to give me on the topic of sex had absolutely zero influence on whether or not I did it. Abstinence-only education is useless and damaging.

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