I imagine many of you have heard about Christopher Routson, the Ohio steel worker who was recently fired from his job for sharing his faith. If not, here is one version of events from his GoFundMe page:


Chris Routson was fired from his job as a steel worker in Middletown after sharing his faith. He and his wife, Bekah, along with their two children are now without income.

Chris shared Ray Comforts new movie “Audacity” during a Facebook chat with a lesbian co-worker. He did this from his own home and while off the clock. He was called into the office the following day and was given a warning to stop communicating with that individual.

A few days later he was lovingly sharing his personal testimony, along with the gospel with another lesbian co-worker. She complained to management and Chris was sent home.

A few days later Chris was called into his manager’s office where he was told he was being fired. They denied his unemployment and offered no severance pay. The company also imediately cut off health insurance and payflex card.

Chris’ desire was to lovingly and gracefully share his faith. He didn’t single out homosexuality but said that all people need to repent and put their trust in Jesus. He never intended to make anybody feel uncomfortable and had no idea that he was putting his job (of 14 years) at risk.


Christians, as usual, are claiming persecution. While discussing this on a Christian page I was told that these women needed to “grow up” and that we are living in a society where everyone needs to be a victim.

Interesting. I wonder where I can find these women’s fundraising pages.

Poor Chris just can’t figure out what the big deal is. He had always been given good reviews and sharing his faith had never been a problem before…. and it would seem that many Christians are also confused. It must be our secular culture holding them down again. But they won’t be silenced! And as a sea of angry Christians prepare for battle by stockpiling their own copies of Ray Comfort’s “we just want to save homosexuals” Christian propaganda, allow me to offer a bit of advice:

Don’t be this man. This man had no business witnessing to two women at work about their sex lives. Do I really have to explain that? Make no mistake; that movie is for witnessing to homosexuals about their sinful sexual lifestyle. Notice his above explanation says that he didn’t single out homosexuality- as if we are all idiots. This man approached two lesbian women at work, specifically, and shared this video.

Are you kidding me? If a man I worked with told me I needed to lose weight I would be offended. Now imagine if he indicated to me that I was having sex the wrong way and he wanted to discuss the right way. I would suddenly be faced with a serious decision to make: go to our supervisor or punch my coworker in the face.

Again. Why do I even have to explain this? Jesus is not the magic word that makes everything you say and do okay. Just because you are not asking the women to have sex with you doesn’t mean you are not guilty of sexual harassment. Maybe this guy meant well, but he is desperately lacking in the common sense department. He was told he made one woman uncomfortable and to knock it off. So what did he do? He approached the other one. Because he loves them too much.

Come on, Christians. Walk away from this one. And please, I beg of you…. share Jesus responsibly.


4 thoughts on “Jesus Is Not the Magic Word that Makes It Okay

  1. Seriously? A co worker? They couldn’t hold off on the Jesus talk to make the office environment less awkward? Cause seriously, as much as I’d consider myself a new atheist, I would do my best to avoid the topic of religion in the office. You have to see these people every day and work with them. You don’t want to say anything that might make it difficult to be professional down the road. Is this really rocket science for some people?

    1. Apparently the other workers urged the second woman to come forward. This guy wasn’t exactly making friends, I guess. But according to him it’s not his fault- Jesus is clearly to blame. And maybe Ray Comfort.

  2. It’s also funny how they never actually come out and say that he was evangelizing to them on the basis of their sexual orientation (I hadn’t heard of this movie, so it didn’t click right away). They just lump that bigotry in with all the other stuff and say he was “lovingly sharing his testimony and the gospel.”

    Newsflash! maybe some people don’t want to be “loved” by you Chris!

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