Today I offer you two more random journal entries from my tour to inject Jesus into a school near you…. and let’s all breathe a sigh of relief that blogging wasn’t a thing in 1995.

Want more? You can find other entries here and here. And for the record, I think Suzanne is a wonderful person. I like her quite a bit these days 🙂


Saturday, April 1, 1995

Today we traveled from Huxley, Iowa to the U.P. We were in the van for twelve hours. We were supposed to spend the night in Peoria (Illinois) tonight, but instead we found housing here from a guitar player named Chris we hired for next year.

The past few nights Suzanne and I stayed with a real nice family- The Hasty family. Rhonda showed us how to preserve our pictures. They are also foster parents and live on a tree farm!

I bought a book Rhonda recommended: Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus. Suzanne has decided it is her book now. She is driving me crazy! She is constantly begging to read it and even keeps her place marked in it. I’ve hardly had a chance to look at it. Why doesn’t she just buy her own copy- or wait until I am done?

We are in a very small host home now and I am staying with Tia. Only seven weeks left of tour! And only a week and a half until I go to Dave’s house. His mom read our letter to his grandma. Oh, she’ll get over it….

Oh, yeah! Yesterday we had an awesome comeback in Walnut, Iowa! Every person there accepted Christ!


Saturday, May 6, 1995

Dave and I had a small bible study tonight. I have really been wondering about sin. There is a part in Romans 7 that is too often overlooked. It can be very encouraging. There is so much going on in my head.

I guess lately I have been struggling to understand how much God loves me. I know he does. He has answered many prayers, poured out numerous blessings, and gave me the opportunity of ARC! He must want me as His child if He places me on His mission field.

How can anyone find happiness without the friendship of Christ? What is life without the one who gives life?


4 thoughts on “More Journaling for Jesus!

      1. I know that when you wrote these you thought “know God know peace”, but from what I can read, a number of folks have come to see it as “no god know peace”. I wonder if maybe that is how I should see it too.

        1. Well, I have certainly experienced both of those interpretations. But I’m not sure how peaceful the in-between time was….so there’s that. And I think that might be where you are at now.

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