This morning I offer you more embarrassing journal entries from my youth. To clarify, a “comeback” was the evening concert we invited kids to at the end of the school assembly. We promised an all-music concert, but what they didn’t know was that it would be Christian music. And lot’s of talk about God. If you want to know more, please read my post Don’t Do Drugs, Join My Cult Instead! 

Yikes. I owe so many apologies.


Monday, May 1, 1995

At the beginning of the tour year, I never believed May would arrive. Praise God it’s here! Last night Dave and I fell asleep on the couch downstairs.

This morning we traveled to Ohio where we had an assembly and a comeback. The comeback was very successful! Many kids accepted Christ. We also had a good sales night.

In these last weeks it is so easy to lose our focus. I try to remind myself of the unsaved standing before God when Christ returns. What am I doing to keep those around me from facing that? We see kids every day who have no idea at all who Jesus is. Sometimes we run into real brats- but you know, they will probably grow up one day. There is an overwhelming need today for God in public schools.

That’s our job right now. Are we really doing our best?



And this quick gem….

Two years before James Cameron’s Titanic was released, I wrote a lengthy journal entry detailing the specifics of the how the ship sank and how fascinated I was in the whole story. I will spare you the list of facts and my recollection of a 3-2-1 Contact article I enjoyed from when the wreck was discovered in 1986, and offer you only the paragraph where I express my thoughts on God’s involvement. Have I mentioned how much I hate this girl?


(from April 17, 1995)

…..I think God was definitely involved. Many may wonder why God would let such a tragic thing happen, but God has destroyed whole cities, right? I know God always has His reasons, and those He wished to survive were safe on lifeboats. He could have saved the Titanic, but perhaps we should look at this as a learning opportunity. These people were so sure of the unsinkable ship that iceberg warnings were disregarded. The tragedy came more out of negligence than accident. How could someone have stronger faith in a ship than in the almighty God?


(Miss my last embarrassing entries? You can read them in my post People Can Change.)


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